Photos by Carolina Mariana, http://carolinamariana.com

Hi there!  I'm Sarah Katharine Green.  I am a designer and craftsman living and working in Chicago.  I believe in making high quality things with our hands.  I offer a full range of design and sewing services, from initial concept and design to finished product. I love every stage of the process and am happy to jump in to new projects.  Current and former clients include Suki + SolaineAna Davis, Amazing Mascots, Countours BabyKolcraftChicago Costume Warehouse, Mia Tavola Bespoke LinensMarketplace India, Mata Traders, and MayaWorks.  teach textile classes and private sewing lessons for those who want to improve their home sewing skills or learn industry techniques.

In 2016 I started SKG Leather, a retail line featuring hand-laced leather bags and accessories.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to get in touch for inquiries, requests, or feedback: Sarah@SarahKatharineGreen.com


"I have worked with Sarah to develop a number of sewing patterns and products, including women's apparel, kitchen textiles, and home decor. She is knowledgeable, has good sense, and is a very skilled craftsperson. I look to Sarah for her aesthetic input as well as her expertise in sewing and patternmaking. Sarah is reliable with deadlines, communicative, and fun to work with. I know that if I hire Sarah to work on a project with me, it will be done to a very high standard, on time, and within budget. I hold her work in high regard and am so glad I found her!"

-Ana Davis, client, Ana Davis Ltd., Chicago

"Sarah is not only highly skilled at what she does, but she's an excellent teacher as well. I admired her work before I approached her for lessons. My intent was not to be a fashion designer, but to be able to alter my clothes for better fit. She was able to adapt her teaching style to me--her instructions are clear, her demeanor is comfortable and easy-going, and she does not micromanage the lessons. She demonstrates what she is about to teach, but then lets me try it and encourages and critiques along the way. My main goal was to learn to hem pants, but I so enjoy taking lessons from her that we are now moving onto bigger, more difficult projects that I never could have imagined doing! I'm thrilled with the progress I have been able to achieve through her instruction and I always recommend her to friends looking to develop an essential life skill such as sewing. Her fun personality, attention to detail, and clear, concise instruction style allow any student to feel comfortable and confident."

-Heather M., sewing student, Chicago

"It was a happy day for me when I came across Sarah Katharine Green’s web site that showed her work. For several years, I had been looking for someone to draft a pattern for a jacket that I had and further, to make me a jacket from the pattern using fabric woven by my mother-in-law. Sarah was a brilliant pattern maker. She looked at the jacket and drafted a pattern without needing to deconstruct the garment. She clearly understands the body and how to draft a flat pattern that sews up, beautifully. Her sewing skills are excellent and she finishes her projects so that they look as good on the inside as they do on the outside. Her attention to detail and her understanding of fabrics and clothing construction are the best of anyone I have ever worked with. It was a joy to work with Sarah. She asked questions when appropriate and discussed options with me before cutting any fabric and she finished and delivered projects on time. I can recommend her for any kind of creative project you can think of. She has the skills and creativity to design and execute projects. She was able to explain complex concepts to me about why she cut one way over another, so that I could understand, which showed me that she is an excellent teacher, as well as a talented fiber and clothing artist."

-Cynthia, private client, Chicago

"Sarah was a joy to work with - we didn't know much about the sample making world and she was collaborative, creative, timely and super knowledgable. She helped us fine tune our designs and we would have been lost without her."

-Lauren, client, founder of ryewomen.com

"Sarah gives encouraging words, professional guidance and attention to each participant, dividing her time evenly amongst the group participants."

-Anita B., member of Sarah's Sewing Circle